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    Version February 2013

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    The ESPON 2013 Database provides fundamental regional information provided by ESPON projects and EUROSTAT. This information can be used to support territorial development analysis at different geographical levels. The Database aims to contribute to a better understanding of the potentials and development perspectives of regions in the European context and globalised world.

    The ESPON 2013 Database provides access to the following data categories: regional, local, urban, neighborhood (candidate countries), world, grid and historical data. Most of the datasets and information produced are public available and free accessible.

    The data and indicators cover the entire European Union plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (ESPON space). The regional and local data and indicators use the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) references. The other types of data use similar statistical units or grid.

    Moreover, the ESPON Database project developed technical reports describing the main topics addressed during the implementation of the ESPON 2013 Database supporting the understanding of the data categories available. Most of these technical reports are public and free accessible on the next page.


    Regional Data - Web Interface

    The search interface allows the user to search for relevant data and indicators via Themes, Policy aspects, Projects or Keywords. The search results can be further filtered using Where and When filters. Metadata on the data and indicators can be viewed and the data itself can be downloaded. The search interface gives access to regional data and metadata collected or produced in the framework of ESPON projects.

    General information on the main screens and features of the web application interface, based on a typical user session, is provided in the user manual.

    The ESPON programme will continue to enlarge and improve the functions, data and metadata available and in particular to discuss and explore the possibilities to build up, together with other European and international organizations, comparable data related to European territorial development and cohesion.


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    The ESPON 2013 Database is designed and developed by the ESPON Database 2013 Project.

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