Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Third ESPON 2013 Scientific Report


    Progress on a European Platform

    for Applied Territorial Science




    December 2014 – ESPON has promoted the scientific component of the Programme through conferences and workshops, cooperation with European organisations in the fields of regional science, geography and spatial planning, as well as with a dedicated series of reports mainly targeting the scientific community.

    This third ESPON 2013 Scientific Report presents achievements and developments to territorial sciences made in the 2013 Programme. It documents the progress made on building a scientific platform by refining and further developing methodologies, and it provides a valuable reference for further applied research action in the field of European territorial development.

    This Report presents the "use of ESPON", the most novel and innovative methods for applied sciences. This ranges from new developments related to European-wide comparable indicators on territorial developments, via quantitative and qualitative approaches to analysing recent territorial developments as well as possible future perspectives to practical territorial analysis tools that have been developed within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme.

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