Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Potential Accessibility by air, Change of Relative Position of Regions, 2001-2006

    This month ESPON shows the territorial trends 2001-2006 in potential accessibility by air. The concept of potential accessibility enables to measure how easy (i.e. travel time) a region can be reached from other European regions by a certain transport mode. High accessibility is often considered a prerequisite for economic development, for attracting investors, increasing employment and building networks of cities.

    In general, the highest level of potential accessibility is associated with the central regions of the European territory, in the so-called Pentagon (defined by the metropolises of London, Paris, Milan, Munich and Hamburg).

    However, the territorial trends in air accessibility show that the traditional core-periphery pattern is dispersing concerning the accessibility by air. A more balanced picture is emerging, revealing a relative increase of the attractiveness and potentials for economic development in regions and cities outside the core area of Europe, and in particular in the EU Member States to the East.

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