Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
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    Practical Tools for Analysis and Policy-making


    21 November 2016 - ESPON has developed a series of practical tools to support and simplify the use and analysis of data and maps. The tools can be used in the preparation of territorial policy strategies and disseminate the data collected and other results from the ESPON projects. They provide an easy communicative way to disseminate ESPON’s main findings and results.

    The main aim of the ESPON Toolbox is to facilitate the use of territorial evidence by policy makers and researchers. This enables policy-makers and other practitioners to position their region in a wider European context, compare their region with other regions and understand the main relevant European policies that might impact territorial development.

    Guidance Sheets are now available.

    ESPON Toolbox Database Portal
    ToolBox Database Portal
     BSR-TeMo  CityBench
     BSRTeMo  CityBench
     ETMS Data Navigator 
    EMTS DataNavigator
    Functional Indicators Tool
    FIT HyperAtlas
    Online Map Finder RIMAP Online Mapping tool
    OnlineMapFinder RIMAP
    TIA Tool