Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • Territorial Diversity Video 2

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    ESPON is addressing global challenges such as climate change and its impacts on European regions. ESPON is also looking into the territorial dimension of the innovation and knowledge economy and the importance of accessibility for the successful development of territories, regions and cities.


    • Sverker Lindblad, ESPON Monitoring Committee Member from Sweden
    • Roberta Capello, Politecnico di Milano, Lead Partner of KIT (Knowledge, Innovation, Territory)
    • Maria José Festas, ESPON Monitoring Committee Member from Portugal

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    • Script Territorial Diversity 2
    • TRACC - TRansport ACCessibility at regional/local scale and patterns in Europe
    • ADES - Airports as Drivers of Economic Success in Peripheral Regions
    • KIT (Knowledge, Innovation, Territory)
    • CLIMATE (Climate Change and Territorial Effects on Regions and Local Economies in Europe)

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