Inspire Policy Making by Territorial Evidence
  • ESPON Conference - Images of European Territorial Futures

    Regions, comparable evidence and spatial scenarios

    22 May 2007, Committee of the Regions

    Following-up the event organised by ESPON and the Committee of the Regions in November 2006, ESPON invited representatives from European regions for a second open dialogue.

    The conference focused on European perspectives for regions, on the upcoming Territorial Agenda for the EU, and on opportunities for joint analytical efforts involving regions and ESPON.
    Spatial scenarios for the European territory and the latest ESPON findings were presented for discussion.

    The event on 22 May 2007 was organised in co-operation with the Committee of the Regions.

    Please, find below the programme of the Conference, the final list of participants and the presentations given during the event.

    Name Type Size
    Final Programme DOC 204.00 KB
    List of Participants PDF 17.33 KB
    Presentation by P. Mehlbye Director - ESPON Coordination Unit PDF 90.08 KB
    Presentation by G. Stahl Secretary General - Committee of the Regions PDF 23.69 KB
    Presentation by T. Eser ESPON Managing Authority PDF 112.18 KB
    Presentation by K. Boehme ESPON Coordination Unit PDF 1.83 MB
    Presentation by J. Robert ESPON Project 3.2 - Spatial Scenarios PDF 5.39 MB